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The Road To Recovery Is Long For Truck Accident Victims

At its lightest, a semi truck weighs over 30 times that of a car. Knowing this, it should not surprise you that truck accidents are inherently more dangerous than a regular road accident. This is why, at Román Law Office, I care so deeply about representing my truck accident clients at every turn.

I am attorney Armando J. Román, and throughout the course of my practice, I have witnessed the challenges people face after truck accidents and the long-lasting damage the resulting injuries can have on victims and their loved ones. For guidance on victim’s rights in Texas, how to get financial support and other personal injury issues, call me today at 210-812-5614.

Trucking Companies Have The Advantage, But I Can Level The Playing Field

Commercial trucking companies often carry enormous insurance policies because accidents involving trucks often lead to paralysis, brain trauma, multiple shattered bones and other catastrophic injuries, even death. The insurance carriers and trucking companies both have vested interests in getting to the scene of accidents quickly and undermining your potential case. I put a stop to this behavior.

As a responsive attorney, I act quickly to gather evidence, including witness statements and police reports. Then, I make sure you have access to a full medical evaluation before insurance companies offer you a settlement that undervalues your need. Your recovery matters to me, and I go above and beyond to do what I can to get you the most compensation possible.

Working With Me Costs You Nothing

I do not charge you anything out of pocket. I only get paid if and when you get a settlement. So, it is no risk to call me; just reach out to my San Antonio office by phone or online today.