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In Texas, where cultures converge and dreams are born, criminal charges can be devastating for immigrants. A conviction can result in local penalties and can threaten your status in the United States.

At Román Law Office, attorney Armando J. Román understands how complicated criminal charges and criminal immigration in San Antonio can be. He will fight tirelessly and assertively for you from his offices, where Spanish is spoken, and he also offers free consultations.

Guidance From A Federal Immigration Crimes Lawyer

Attorney Román assists those facing immigration-related charges. If convicted of such an offense, you could face imprisonment and deportation. An immigration defense lawyer becomes invaluable in such circumstances.

Unlike civil immigration, which deals with non-criminal matters (green cards, citizenship), criminal immigration addresses unlawful conduct and specific violations. The attorney at Román Law Office can help prevent a worst-case-scenario outcome.

Types Of Federal Immigration Crimes

Some U.S. criminal offenses qualify as criminal immigration crimes, which often lead to lengthy incarcerations or removals. Since these cases typically fall under federal jurisdiction, having the backing of experienced counsel is vital. Specific offenses can vary, but examples include:

  • Entry and reentry crimes: Entering illegally, overstaying or reentering after deportation
  • Alien smuggling: Helping others enter illegally, regardless of whether it’s for profit
  • Fraudulent statements/documents: Lying and creating/using falsified immigration papers
  • Gun and drug crimes: Drug trafficking, possession and some gun offenses

Criminal Immigration Concerns Unique To Texas

The Lone Star State throws a curveball at immigrants facing charges. Federal immigration law may reign, but the state has carved out a unique space. Texas Senate Bill 4 allows state law enforcement to arrest those suspected of illegal entry. In addition, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has broad authority to apprehend undocumented immigrants suspected of crimes. Its Criminal Apprehension Program (CAP) focuses on finding and arresting those with criminal records who are considered public safety threats.

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