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When you need a lawyer to help you with a serious legal problem, the Román Law Office is ready to help you. Since opening in 2004, the firm has established itself as a firm that takes on difficult cases and works directly with people. Founding attorney Armando J. Román will speak with you directly throughout your case and keep you involved in all strategic decision-making. Learn more about how he can help you today.

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Attorney Román proactively works hard to provide you with all of the information that you need in order to make strategic decisions. As an attorney who deals with many criminal, immigration and injury cases, he understands that decisions you make early on are important to the outcome of your case. He wants you to be fully equipped with the knowledge you need.

You can get a free assessment of your case, discuss your options with the attorney and figure out how you want to proceed. When you work with attorney Román, he will diligently and aggressively pursue your case. As a fully bilingual office, you will be able to speak with attorney Román and learn the facts you need to move forward when you reach out.

From his San Antonio office, Román litigates cases throughout Bexar County.

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Attorney Román

With two decades of legal experience, attorney Román has worked hard to make his legal practice into what it is today, a place where anyone can come for help. He started his career as a law clerk for the Texas Office of the Attorney General and worked in other large firms before starting his own firm in San Antonio. His dedication to his clients has made him invaluable to his community. Click his biography to learn more.

You Need An Experienced Attorney To Help You In Your Case

Having an attorney on your side can make a significant difference for you when you are facing legal trouble. Having an attorney who you are comfortable with, who values you and who will defend your rights can make an even greater difference for you. With attorney Román, you will feel this from the first day you meet him.

Attorney Román is not new to immigration or criminal law, having practiced these skills for nearly 20 years. He and his team of skilled paralegals apply all of their knowledge and experience to each and every case, to minimize or eliminate the legal jeopardy you are facing. Whether you may be facing deportation or jail time, attorney Román is ready and able to represent you.

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