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Pulled Over For Drunk Driving? Your Future Is Not A Foregone Conclusion.

When the police pull you over and administer intoxication tests, many people are convinced that their future is over. A drunk driving charge will follow you and can have a devastating impact on your financial and personal future. But a ticket is not the same as a conviction, and you still have the power to fight the charges against you – if you take the right steps.

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 What Texas Law Says About Drunk Driving

For as much as the police want you to believe that a charge inevitably leads to a conviction, even seemingly open-and-shut cases have an opportunity for defense. Breathalyzers and other intoxication tests are often miscalibrated, inaccurate or improperly applied. Any kind of police overreach or misconduct can be used as a defense. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense, which can lead to both serious fines and lengthy prison sentences. On top of those consequences, a conviction can prevent you from receiving assistance like food stamps or housing and can jeopardize your educational and employment prospects. Aggravating factors – like the presence of children or serious resulting injuries to others – can mean substantially more serious penalties in addition to the basics. Ask yourself: Can you afford not to fight?

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