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When there is a warrant out for your loved one or they have already been arrested, one of your immediate concerns is getting them back out of jail as quickly as possible. This is where a bail bond comes into play. A bail bond is a financial arrangement that allows a defendant to be released from custody while awaiting trial.

Arranging for a bail bond is not something you should try to handle alone. An experienced lawyer, like Armando J. Román at Román Law Office, can advocate with the court for a lower bail amount and negotiate terms that are far more favorable than what you might receive on your own. San Antonio bail bond attorneys play a crucial role in protecting the rights of defendants.

What Are Different Types Of Bail Bonds?

When someone is arrested, a bail amount is set by a judge based on various factors, including the severity of the alleged crime, the defendant’s criminal history and their potential flight risk. Some different types of bonds include:

  • Surety bond: This involves the guarantee of a third party, typically a bail bondsman, to guarantee the court the defendant will appear for trial in exchange for a fee.
  • Property bond: This allows the defendant or their family to use homes and other property as collateral for their release.
  • Immigration bond: This allows individuals detained by immigration authorities to be released while the immigration proceedings.
  • Cash bond: This requires the defendant or their family to put up the full amount of the bond until the case is resolved.
  • Juvenile bond: This is similar to a surety bond or immigration bond, but is specific to juvenile court defendants.

A 24-hour bail bond lawyer service makes it possible for bonds to be obtained as quickly and easily as possible.

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Attorney Armando J. Román is a San Antonio bond attorney who has been practicing since 2004 and is experienced in both criminal and immigration law. He is a local attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and their future. Call 210-761-5745 or use the online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation today.