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Last updated on April 29, 2024

If you have been suspected of committing a crime, arrested for committing a crime or charged with committing a crime in Texas, you need Román Law Office to represent you. As a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio with 19 years of experience, Armando J. Román will immediately jump on your case and take the necessary steps to prepare a defense and defend you.

Armando has built a strong reputation for getting positive results for his criminal defense clients. He has the experience, knowledge and skill to defend you within the Texas criminal justice system. If you or a loved one has been arrested or is in jail, Armando can help you negotiate bail. He will aggressively represent you against misdemeanor or felony charges, including:

Armando’s work as a criminal law attorney has earned him a strong positive reputation in the community. In addition, he offers competitive rates for legal fees and flexible payment options, including payment plans and flat-fee rates.

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Defending You From Alien Smuggling, Protecting Your Immigration Status

Do you face charges related to smuggling an undocumented immigrant? The sooner you contact Armando, the better. The authorities punish alien smuggling very harshly; it is often a federal crime. Your own immigration status could be in danger. Because he also handles immigration law issues, Armando can inform you of your rights and ensure you understand the law.

Help To Clear Or Seal Your Criminal Record

Being arrested or charged for allegedly committing a crime carries a stigma that will affect your employment, education and other opportunities. Fortunately, Texas law permits you to seal or clear your criminal record in certain circumstances. If you qualify, you can seal your criminal record through an expunction. In an expunction, information of your arrest or criminal charge is permanently removed.

If you are not eligible for an expunction, you may be able to seal your criminal record through an order of nondisclosure. An order of nondisclosure will SEAL your criminal record. A nondisclosure will not clear your criminal record, but your criminal arrest will not appear in a background check.

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For legal protection in San Antonio, contact Román Law Office. You can meet with Armando at his office in San Antonio for a completely free consultation. All you need to do is contact him online or call 210-761-5745. He is am happy to meet in person, via telephone or by videoconference.