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Here At Every Step Of The Estate Planning And Administration Process

Román Law Office helps clients prepare for some of life’s toughest decisions. No one wants to think about dying. No one wants to think about losing a loved one or how to best care for a loved one who can no longer take care of himself or herself. We understand. But decisions need to be made to plan and protect your family’s future during your lifetime or after you pass.

As you plan and prepare for the transfer of your property, as well as financial and legal matters, into the care of others, we will assess your situation, your assets and liabilities, and your intent. Thereafter, we will prepare your will and additional documents that reflect your intent and fulfill your wishes upon your death.

Probate Assistance For Those Struggling Through Grief

Román Law Office will help you open the administration of a loved one’s estate through the probate process or through intestacy. We will review the will, if any, and your loved one’s situation. We will then prepare the appropriate paperwork to submit to the appropriate court for approval and then help administer the estate until closure.

Creating The Foundations For A Safe, Productive Guardianship

Your loved one needs extra care throughout their lifetime, either because of age or disability. Román Law Office will help you ensure that a loved one is cared for during their lifetime, even if you are not there to care for them. We will assess the situation and the medical and financial affairs surrounding the person and create the legal structures to ensure their care.

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When you contact Román Law Office online or by phone at 210-812-5614, we will find an available meeting time that fits your schedule and can be available to you by phone, internet or in person. For your convenience, we will visit you or your loved one at any comfortable location. The choice is yours.