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Putting Our Clients First

We Work with a Purpose

Your case matters.  Our purpose is to do good work for you, our client.  Your legal matter is important to you and it is important to us.  It affects your emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being.  Whether you need us to defend you against a criminal charge or prepare a real estate transaction for you, we will demonstrate to you that your legal issue is not just another file.

We Work with the Right Approach

Whatever the legal issue may be, we know that a one size fits all approach does not work for all cases.  We will come to understand your legal matter and prepare a plan of action designed to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.  We will educate you on the law and legal process to ensure that you are as comfortable with the information you need to make informed decisions. 

We are Accessible

The legal system and legal language are confusing and overwhelming.  You have questions that need to be answered and concerns that need to be addressed as your legal move along the process.  “What's next?” is a natural question that enters our clients' minds constantly.  We are here to answer your questions.  You will have access to us either in-person, phone call, email, text, or video-conferencing.    We will provide you with access to frequent updates on the status of your legal issue; notices of important events; and easy access to your file.  We believe that the more you are involved with your legal matter, the better the outcome will be.

We Offer Clients Payment Options

We believe that everyone has a right to sound legal advice and zealous legal representation.  The cost of legal representation and its payment method should be fair to our clients.  We will also provide you with an hones and realistic assessment of your legal matter and the potential costs involved.  Depending on the your case and its circumstances, we offer the following payment options:

  • Contingency Fee: We only get paid if we win or settle your case.  This form of fee is appropriate for personal injury cases or certain commercial litigation cases.
  • Hourly Rate: We ask for an initial retainer amount and then bill you every thirty (30) days for work performed.     
  • Flat fee: We ask for an initial retainer amount to perform certain work.  If you select for more work to be done, we ask for an additional deposit amount.

We enjoy our work and enjoy forming relationships with our clients.  We will work with you on a payment plan and make any reasonable accommodation we can to help you. 

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