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Our Mission And Values

Román Law Office is in the business of helping people and businesses solve problems; getting their lives back on track; and helping them grow. Our mission is to provide exceptionally skilled legal services to our clients at a competitive cost and to provide our clients with an experience that is focused on them, empathetic to their needs and challenges, and cost-effective. We hold four values in high regard. These four values are Román Law Office‘s foundation, and they provide a basis to perform meaningful and successful work for our clients.

Communication And Collaboration

We work for you. You need to be involved in your legal matter. After all, you are invested more than anyone in the outcome of your legal matter. Román Law Office uses a secure communication and collaboration platform to not only help keep you informed and updated, but it allows for you to actively participate in your legal matter’s development and movement towards resolution.

Personal Service And Empathy

Your legal issue matters. Our purpose is to do good work for you. Your legal matter is important to you, and it is important to us. It affects your emotional, mental, physical and financial well-being. Whether you need us to defend you against criminal charges or prepare a real estate transaction for you, we will demonstrate to you that your legal issue is not just another file. Your legal issue is our legal issue.

Flexible And Adaptable

Whatever the legal issue may be, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all legal matters. We will come to understand your legal matter and prepare a plan of action designed to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively. We will educate you on the law and legal process to ensure that you are as comfortable with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Adding Value

Román Law Office is not a “do the bare minimum” nor a “check the box” law firm. We do not do any work on a legal matter without careful thought on the end result. We know our clients. We know their legal matters. Every task we perform on your behalf is intended to add value to your legal matter.

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