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Do Not Take Drug Crime Allegations Lightly

Texas has spent decades struggling with trafficking rings and other serious drug-related issues. It should come as no surprise that Texas has some of the most serious drug crime penalties in the nation. The last thing you want is to have a drug crime conviction following you for the rest of your life.

At Román Law Office, you work directly with me, Armando J. Román. I am an attorney with over 15 years of experience in criminal defense. Police tactics do not intimidate me, and I am a stalwart advocate for your rights and best interests. Together, we can take steps to minimize how your arrest impacts your future. Email my office in San Antonio.

When It Comes To Drug Charges, The Distinctions Matter

Saying “the police found drugs on me” may be enough to satisfy your family, but in the courts, every drug charge is unique and comes with its own set of prescribed consequences. I have represented clients in dozens of cases, including those involving:

  • Possession
  • Intent to sell
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking

By asserting your rights from the very beginning, you take back control over some of your future. This is true for all criminal allegations but is even more important for crimes involving controlled substances. The more time I have to work, the more leverage I have over your defense and in dealing with prosecutors.

Time Is Of The Essence; Call 210-812-5614 As Soon As Possible

If the police bring you in for suspicion of a drug-related crime, whether that includes trafficking, possession or another crime, call an attorney before you say or do anything else. Reach me by phone or send an email to my office.