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Fatal crash occurred after a left turn

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

A tragedy occurred on a recent Friday in West Odessa. Preliminary investigations have shown that two vehicles were involved in a collision, one of which was a motorcycle. The rider was carrying a passenger at the time, as well.  

Neither motorcycle occupant was wearing a helmet at the time, although both were over 21. In Texas, motorcyclists and passengers under age 21 are required by law to wear helmets. Sadly, the motorcycle operator in the recent collision suffered fatal injuries in the crash, while his passenger was listed in serious condition.  

Driver of vehicle that turned in front of motorcyclist had no injuries 

Police say the motorcycle was traveling in a westbound direction when the crash occurred. The driver of the other vehicle was headed east before making a left turn directly across the path of the motorcycle. Investigators later said the driver of the vehicle made the turn to enter a parking lot.  

The driver who made the turn did not suffer any injuries, although a passenger in the vehicle was treated and released from a local hospital. As for the passenger on the motorcycle, the hope is that he will recover fully. In cases where driver negligence was a causal factor, a recovering victim may seek restitution for damages; an immediate family member may act on behalf of a fatally injured victim to do the same. Most plaintiffs ask experienced personal injury law attorneys to represent them in court, especially because this type of litigation is often emotionally upsetting, particularly for family members who have lost a loved one.