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Texas police make arrests after home searches

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense

It can be an unsettling experience to have Texas police show up at one’s door, asking to have a look around. Police recently searched two homes, then made several arrests for suspicion of theft. Investigators say they believe the defendants in question are part of an organized crime ring that has been stealing items from local hunting grounds. 

Value of items allegedly stolen estimated high 

Police claim that one of the men now facing theft charges has stolen items valued between $30k and $150k. He and several others are accused of taking a four-wheeler, a trailer, two skid steers and various types of hunting equipment. Police say that they recovered stolen items from the residences of two of the four people they arrested.  

3 men and 1 woman were arrested 

The ages of those arrested range from 23 to 36. They are being held in a county jail, and no bonds were set initially. A constable stated that the police department has been investigating a string of thefts since mid-Dec. 2021. Police say they believe the four people who are now sitting in jail cells are connected to those thefts.  

Saying and proving are two separate matters 

Police must do much more than “say” they believe that someone in Texas or anywhere has committed a theft or any other type of crime. If charges are filed and a case goes to court, prosecutors must substantiate their claims with evidence that meets rigorous standards to support their allegations. In the end, it all comes down to whether the proof meets the legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, which is often difficult to achieve. In the meantime, anyone facing charges may refute them by asking an experienced defense attorney to act on his or her behalf in court.