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Texas police chase results in 7-car collision

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

An investigation remains ongoing following a tragic accident in Texas. A police deputy was driving a squad car that collided with another vehicle at an intersection, causing numerous other vehicles to crash, as well. The police officer was reportedly involved in a chase at the time, pursuing another vehicle that was being driven by a robbery suspect.

The police officer saw the suspect exiting a convenience store

The chase began when the patrol officer in question witnessed a person coming out of a convenience store wearing a mask. The deputy later said that he saw the person get into a vehicle that matched a description given in a gas station robbery that had occurred earlier. The officer then attempted a traffic stop, but the driver did not pull over.

Police deputy then pursued the suspect

The patrolman chased the suspect in his patrol car, crossing through an intersection. This is where his squad car collided with another vehicle carrying a woman and two children, setting off a chain-reaction crash involving five more vehicles. Sadly, the woman died because of her injuries. Thankfully, both children survived the crash; one was listed in critical condition and the other was stable.

Cases like this often prompt multiple personal injury claims

In Texas and beyond, if a person suffers personal injury or other damages in a motor vehicle collision, he or she may file a legal claim against the driver deemed responsible if negligence was a causal factor in the crash. For instance, if one driver fails to stop at a red light, causing a collision that results in injuries to another person, the recovering victim may seek compensation for damages in a civil court. A plaintiff in such a case is tasked with proving the defendant was negligent and that his or her negligence was directly responsible for the damages that occurred. Most people rely on experienced legal representation in court because this type of litigation is often complex and stressful, particularly when a governmental body is a named defendant. If a victim suffers fatal injuries, an immediate family member may seek justice on his or her behalf.