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Fatal collision in Texas took two lives

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Personal Injury

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, two Texas families were grieving an unthinkable loss. Two women, who each have three children, learned that both of their husbands were killed in a motor vehicle collision. An online community has come to the women’s financial rescue through a GoFundMe page that a sister-in-law of one of them set up; however, there will never be a way to recover the loss of their husbands’ lives.

The men were traveling together when their vehicle was struck from behind

Crash investigators say that it was apparent that the two men were traveling in a vehicle that was hit from behind by a Mack truck. As often happens in such cases, the impact of the collision catapulted the men’s vehicle forward, causing it to collide with a freightliner truck in front of them. Upon impact in the second collision, the vehicle the men were in ignited in flames, and neither man made it out alive.

Two families were grief-stricken just before Christmas

The GoFundMe page that was set up to provide financial assistance to the grieving families explained how the tragedy has forever changed the lives of the six children and two women who must now move on in life without their beloved husbands/fathers. The two families were friends and often shared holidays together. Learning that a loved one has died in a fatal collision, especially during the holidays, is an emotionally traumatic experience from which recovery is often a long and arduous process.

Helping families move on in the aftermath of a tragedy

In the past, driver negligence has often been determined the cause of similar rear-end collisions. When this is the case, a spouse of a deceased accident victim may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court. A family can use compensation awarded for damages to help offset funeral expenses and other financial distress that may be associated with their loved one’s death.