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Will a DWI negatively affect my job?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Few people have the job of their dreams, but you may be among those whose job is satisfying at least financially. On the other hand, you may still have career goals that include obtaining a degree or professional certification to allow you to work in your chosen field. This can be costly and time-consuming, and you might do anything to protect those goals.

One event that can quickly jeopardize your career is a conviction for drunk driving. If you are facing charges of driving while impaired by alcohol, you have a lot on the line. You might think the most efficient course of action is to accept a plea and put the matter behind you, but this step can quickly derail your future.

What is on the line?

You may already know that a drunk driving conviction usually means the suspension of your driver’s license unless you agree to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle. Because you cannot drive while your license is under suspension, you might have difficulty getting to work. Family, co-workers and friends might grow weary of you bumming rides for months. You could end up paying for public transportation or missing work altogether. However, even with reliable transportation, your job itself may be in jeopardy after a drunk driving conviction, especially in these situations:

  • You use a company vehicle to complete the tasks of your job, such as deliveries, sales or meeting with clients.
  • Your employer refuses to pay higher rates when the insurance company deems you to be high risk.
  • Your reputation is an integral part of your job, such as if you are a teacher, coach, police officer or politician.
  • Your professional certification stipulates that the revoking of your license after an arrest or conviction for drunk driving.

If a drunk driving conviction means you lose your job and need to look for new employment, or should you ever decide to change jobs, a drunk driving conviction will be on your criminal record when a potential employer does a background check. A potential employer may conclude, based on one drunk driving conviction, that you are a high risk or that you make poor decisions.

In Texas, the penalties for drunk driving can be harsh and have a devastating effect on your future. If you are facing such charges, even for a first-time DWI, you would be wise to consider your options carefully and weigh the consequences before deciding on a course of action that could alter the direction of your future.