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Texas police charge man for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Police in Central Texas recently executed a search warrant at a particular residence. The investigation resulted in the officers claiming to find illegal drugs inside the home. Police say they have reason to believe a specific man was involved in drug trafficking from the residence. However, the man is already in jail in another county on unrelated charges.  

Police are seeking extradition 

Police have requested that the man in question be extradited to their jurisdiction to face charges in connection with an alleged drug trafficking operation. Investigators say that, among other items, they discovered LSD, heroin and illegally acquired prescription drugs inside the residence that they searched. They also claim to have seized scales, packaging materials and other items that they believe to be drug paraphernalia.  

Prosecutors must prove that a seized substances is what they claim it to be 

When police seize a substance during a search that they claim to be an illegal drug, the substance in question must be sent to a laboratory for testing. If a case goes to trial, prosecutors who wish to submit the substance as evidence must be able to prove that it is, in fact, what they claim it to be. In any case, a defendant who stands accused of drug crimes must be provided an opportunity to present a criminal defense in court.  

Every defendant has a right to legal representation 

Before heading to court, it is always a good idea to a person accused of a serious crime to meet with an experienced criminal law attorney. Such an attorney can help determine which type of defense strategy will be most helpful in a specific set of circumstances. Most defendants request consultation with an attorney as soon as an arrest has taken place.