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These 6 social media posts may ruin your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Like many, you may take great comfort in your social media presence. Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers may provide you with encouragement and support when you have a bad day or a difficult decision to make. A “like” or a positive comment may help you feel that someone truly understands and cares about what you are going through.

This may feel especially important if you are struggling in your marriage. However, if you are heading for divorce, your friends will certainly not be the only ones monitoring your social media pages. It is possible that your ex’s legal team will keep a careful eye on your posts, pictures and comments. In fact, more and more divorces include one side using social media posts against the other.

Post carefully

Undoubtedly, your emotions are on a roller coaster, and it may give you a sense of release to post those thoughts and feelings online. However, social media does not promise privacy even if you keep your settings as private as possible. There is always some way for the other side to see what you have posted, and one can take even the most innocent comments out of context or twist them into something unsavory.

It is not wise to delete your posts or your account since that may look like you are destroying evidence, but you will want to be aware of the following:

  • Posts that express frustration over your children may affect your custody.
  • Posts or pictures of you at parties or holding alcoholic drinks may also go against you in a custody hearing.
  • Your ex may use your status updates that refer to emotional breakdowns or therapy sessions to paint a picture of you as unstable.
  • Negative comments about your ex may portray you as vengeful or unbalanced, and they may also be hurtful to your children or others in your close circle.
  • Pictures or posts describing vacations, nights out or lavish spending may harm your efforts at seeking spousal support.
  • Posts about a new romantic interest may stir questions of infidelity, which, in Texas, may affect the outcome of your divorce.

Since you do not always have control over what other people post, you may not realize when a friend posts a picture of you in a compromising situation. For your own best interests, you may want to avoid any situations that may jeopardize the positive outcome of your divorce, especially if there is a chance it may end up on social media.