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Texas collision leads to drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Texas police were recently dispatched to the scene of a motor vehicle collision. The incident involved two vehicles that had collided near the Mexican border. Investigators say that, when they approached the vehicles, they noticed several large burlap bags. Police say the bags that were in the BMW that had crashed were allegedly filled with illegal drugs.

Police say the driver turned himself in

The person who was driving the BMW when the collision occurred is said to have later turned himself in at the sheriff’s department. Police say that the burlap bags in his vehicle weighed nearly 200 lbs and were filled with a substance that they believe to be cocaine. The man who turned himself in is now facing charges for illegal drug possession.

Investigators say the alleged drugs carried a street value of more than $3 million. The bags were reportedly filled with 70 separate bundles of the substance. As in all cases involving drug possession charges, the items seized by state troopers at the scene must be sent to a forensics laboratory to confirm that the contents of the burlap bags are indeed cocaine.

Criminal defense support is available throughout Texas

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision is emotionally traumatic. Facing criminal charges in connection to a traffic stop or car accident is also a stressful experience. Any Texas motorist who winds up facing drug charges is guaranteed an opportunity to refute those charges in court. A first logical step to take to build a strong support network is to request a meeting with an experienced criminal defense attorney.