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Have you been injured in one of these dangerous crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Personal Injury

Obviously, there are no good car accidents, and even one with no injuries can result in weeks of stress and inconvenience as you deal with insurance companies and auto repairs. On the other hand, certain types of car crashes have the potential for being much worse than others. Involvement in one of these types of accidents is almost certain to leave you with serious or life-changing injuries and may even result in fatalities.

Many drivers have dealt with the shock and frustration of a rear-end collision. This type of accident is the most common but usually does not result in serious injuries unless speed is a factor. A more serious accident may cause catastrophic injuries, a prolonged recovery and unspeakable grief.

The most common crashes

How many times on your commute do you pass through an intersection? Probably more than you can count. Intersections are the home of one of the most dangerous and frequently deadly varieties of accidents, the T-bone, which occurs when another vehicle drives headlong into the side of your car. More than 8,000 people die each year from side impact collisions at intersections and other places. That is nearly 18% of all traffic fatalities.

Just as dangerous is the head-on collision. The force of the impact from a head-on collision is the combined speed of both vehicles. This can produce a crash so violent it often results in brain damage, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding or multiple fractured bones. If a driver crosses the line into your lane, your life may never be the same.

Highway risks

One of the most intimidating features of highway travel is sharing the road with massive tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. Highway travelers, including truckers, typically exceed the posted 75 mph limits, and this can be devastating when someone makes a mistake while operating a vehicle weighing as much as 80 tons. About 5,000 people die annually in accidents involving trucks, and every 15 minutes someone suffers serious or fatal injuries in a truck accident.

Texas roads are also known for massive pileups, which can involve hundreds of vehicles. Once you are involved in a pileup, you may be helpless to escape injury as one vehicle after another crashes into the mayhem. Of course, the conditions and circumstances surrounding any accident also determine whether you will suffer minor or life-altering injuries. In either case, if your injuries are the result of the carelessness, distraction or other negligence of another driver, you may doubly feel the unfairness of your situation.