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About Our Firm

Román Law Office

Our Philosophy

Our law practice philosophy surrounds our belief that it is our purpose to always do good work for our clients by striving to act with wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice through the course of our representation of our clients and our respect for our legal system and its institutions.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to do good work for you, and it is driven by our duty to serve you and your interests in legal matters simple or complex.  Your legal issue is more than just a file.  It is an important part of your life and you need a law firm that demonstrates that your legal issue is not just another file.

Our Approach

Whatever the legal issue may be, we know that a one size fits all approach does not work.  There are times when a client’s legal issue requires an aggressive in-your-face approach or a peaceful cooperative approach.  Were you wronged by a business partner or are you trying to enter a business agreement with a potential partner?  Understanding the situation and pursuing the right approach is key.  Our law firm will carefully assess the factors surrounding your legal issue and formulate a plan of action designed to efficiently and effectively achieve your objectives.

No Fee Consultations and Access

Our legal system is confusing and overwhelming.  You will have questions that need to be answered and concerns that need to be addressed.  Our firm will make it a point to get to know you and understand your legal issue. We will meet with you and discuss your legal issue with you at no charge.  If you hire us, we will electronically provide you with access to frequent updates on the status of your legal issue; notices of important events; and easy access to your file.  We believe that the more you are involved with your legal issue, the better the outcome will be.


Our firm understands that in-office meetings are not always feasible or possible, so we remain ready to communicate with you through our telecommunications, case management, and videoconference platforms.  Continue with life and contact us through telephone, email, text, or videoconference.

Diligence and Preparation

Our firm will educate you on the law and legal process to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible with the legal process and to give you the information you need to weigh-in on important decisions involving your legal issue.  We will prepare you for hearings, depositions, mediation, meetings, and advise you on how to present yourself before a judge or a jury.  We encourage you to commit to your legal issue by assisting with the collection of facts and documents and presentation of the evidence.

Payment Plans

Everyone has a right to legal representation.  We believe that the cost of legal representation should be fair to you and to our firm.  Our firm offers you contingent, hourly, and flat fee payment agreement depending on your legal issue.   We will also provide you with an honest and realistic assessment of your legal issue and the potential costs involved.